Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Lash Extension FAQ's


Q: What are eyelash extensions?
A: The process of eyelash extensions is a meticulous and very detailed treatment. A single extension is adhered to a single one of your natural lashes. These extensions will then grow and shed out with your natural lashes at your natural shed cycle.

Q: Do they damage your eyelashes?
A: The technique that I personally use and have spent years perfecting allows your lashes to grow and shed at their natural rate. Many eyelash artists do not take the care and time to make certain there is only one extension adhered to one lash and that the extensions they place on the lashes are not too heavy. I have actually had clients whose lashes have grown longer and stronger with the extensions because they haven’t had the damaging effects of lash curlers and harsh waterproof mascaras.

Q: How long will they last?
A: It generally takes 4- 8 weeks for an eyelash to replace itself. However, all of your lashes are on different growth cycles, which means while some are ready to fall out while some are just coming in and some are in between.  Also, not everybody is going to be on the exact same growth period.

Q: How often should I get a lash fill?
A: I recommend that you get a lash fill every 3 weeks. How well your lashes are going to last will depend on how well you follow the aftercare instructions and your growth cycle. However, for most everyone 3 weeks is perfect.

Q: Can I wear mascara with my extensions?
A: Yes you can as long as it is not oil based or waterproof mascara. The point of the extensions is so you do not have to wear mascara, however, if you have to go longer then desired for a fill and you need the “filling in” you can go ahead and wear it. Just be very careful when rinsing it off and make sure it’s completely gone when you come in for your fill appointment. This will ensure you will get all of your fill time getting extensions applied and not on getting your lashes cleansed.

Q: Can they be removed?
A: Absolutely. If you ever need or want your extensions removed make an appointment with me. It’s fairly quick and completely painless. I do not charge to remove the extensions.

Q: Can I have an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?
A: You can have an allergic reaction to just about anything so yes. I have seen very few people have a reaction and when they do it’s just been some swelling and redness. I will quickly get them in for an appointment to remove them and they are totally fine.

Q: Is it painful to get them done?
A: it is a pain-free experience I assure you. It can be quite the opposite actually. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. For some, especially busy moms, it is their hour or two to get their peace and quiet and/or nap time in. 

Let me know if you can think of any other question I should answer. 

Here's some pics just for fun. I did Michelle's lashes and makeup and we did the most gorgeous photo shoot. Thanks to my good friend Janelle who is an amazing photographer. This was so much fun. 

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  1. Hey Allis,

    If I wanted to set up an appointment with you to get a full set of lashes put on how can we do that?

    I would love to find a time to get that scheduled. I am getting married in Phoenix next week and I wanted to get some put on before I leave Tuesday. If you can let me know I would appreciate it!